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We have 24 years of experience

What if there was a hosting company that actually cared about its clients? What if regular users could afford that level of commitment? Welcome to TipTele.

Since the beginning of TipTele, we have involved ourselves in owning all of our equipment. We needed to control our assets so that we could remain aggressive in such a competitive market. Our customers are our primary focus, and owning ourselves entirely allows us to pass our savings on to them.

TipTele is committed to providing the best hosting services available, and that is why we represent ourselves. Many hosting companies rely on third-party vendors to manage their hardware and applications for them. Third-party vendors can create delays and unnecessary downtime for their customers. At TipTele, our customers communicate with our professionals directly, eliminating stress and quickly getting your hosting back on track.

Main features:

Server capacity: 4000GB

Monthly transfer limit: 50TB

Access level: Admin / User

Dedicated resources: RAID / SSD /VOIP

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"Good customer service should provide quality support and in a quick manner"

- Yolanda Markov

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