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Web hosting

Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use. Everything you need to get your website online today!


Server capacity: 120GB

Monthly transfer limit: 100GB

Access level: Admin / User

Dedicated resources: SSD

Dedicated servers

Our dedicated solutions provide you with complete control and 100% isolation from other users.


Server capacity: 1TB

Monthly transfer limit: 250GB

Access level: Admin / User

Dedicated resources: RAID

Cloud servers

TipTele Cloud Servers are completely customizable and come with an abundance of 1-click installation options.


Server capacity: 200GB

Monthly transfer limit: 150GB

Access level: Admin / User

Dedicated resources: Linux / CWP

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The VPS server and dedicated servers

Virtual Private Server Hosting provides you with a set amount of dedicated resources reserved for you and only you.

Manage Servers Easily

Our proprietary Cloud Control Panel gives you the tools you need for managing your Windows / Linux servers.

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